Practice Areas


The Employment Law and Industrial Relations team provides ongoing consultancy to businesses about organizational management, human resources, and labor relations administration.

Our team collaborates with other departments in the Firm, mainly having acquired extensive experience in managing labor law aspects related to extraordinary corporate transactions and M&A, both during the acquisition phase and in subsequent integration processes. We support companies in handling labor relations and restructuring processes.

The professionals in the team have developed specific expertise in personnel management and dealings with administrators and top management, covering aspects from the application of technology to labor relations to the definition and structuring of incentive plans, remuneration policies, and welfare programs.

We also assist in contentious and pre-contentious matters, including managing defensive investigations and disciplinary proceedings.

Additionally, we offer assistance and consultancy in occupational health and safety (such as defining unique procurement systems and delegations of Health Safety and Environmental functions), contract agreements (including the management of safety aspects, particularly those related to “interference” issues), and commercial distribution.