Our Firm’s Sustainability and Inclusion Committees fuel our dedication, which relentlessly pursues diverse goals to benefit everyone involved. Our proactive involvement extends beyond the boardroom, as we actively partake in a community investment program and spearhead an ESG Advocacy project. Collaborating with our clients, we craft initiatives ranging from educational endeavors to advocacy, fostering a shared commitment to progress

Marking a milestone in our journey, 2025 will witness the unveiling of the inaugural PedersoliGattai Sustainability Report—an encapsulation of our unwavering dedication to making a lasting impact. Join us as we turn the pages of sustainability, equality, and progress in the years to come.



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In steadfast alignment with the 4th Global Sustainability Goal, “Quality Education for All,” PedersoliGattai proudly introduces the “Right to Education” project—a testament to our unwavering commitment to social inclusion and support within the local communities of the metropolitan area of Milan.
This transformative initiative extends targeted scholarships to individuals from socially and economically vulnerable backgrounds, addressing a critical need for educational access. Our pledge is not confined to financial aid alone; we are dedicated to fostering academic success. This ongoing program annually supports four deserving students, ensuring they navigate their law degree through financial assistance and rigorous tutoring.

Moreover, the commitment transcends graduation, as participants are guaranteed employment within the esteemed PedersoliGattai Firm for at least two years post-graduation. This comprehensive initiative underscores our dedication to effecting meaningful change, with an annual investment exceeding 500,000 euros—a testament to our belief in the power of education as a catalyst for societal advancement.

Pro Bono

In the fiscal year 2023, the Firm demonstrated its commitment to social responsibility by providing pro bono legal assistance totaling over 2,500 hours. This substantial dedication translates to a potential fee valuation of €500,000. In our pursuit of philanthropy, each hour signifies a purposeful investment in the service of justice, underlining our dedication to leveraging legal expertise for the greater good.

Our Projects

Our Philanthropy Projects


Our approach is meticulously structured within the governance framework around maximal collaboration and transparency. Our management team regularly discusses pivotal strategic matters with an expansive executive committee, ensuring a comprehensive and informed decision-making process.

To fortify our commitment to excellence, we’ve instituted a range of specialized committees dedicated to overseeing critical aspects of our professional partnership. From the compensation committee to the conflicts committee, each plays a pivotal role in maintaining the integrity of our operations. In tandem, we’ve introduced committees devoted to upholding our core values—the ESG, diversity, and youth training committees—each contributing to the fabric of our organizational ethos.

Adding a layer of diligence, our Committee of Guarantors, comprising the most senior figures within our partnership, stands as a bastion of the foundational values intrinsic to our firm. This is governance elevated to an art form, a symphony of precision conducted with the utmost expertise.