Practice Areas

Wills, Trusts and Estates

The team is highly qualified in the management, both extrajudicial and judicial, of significant inheritance and protection of family and hereditary assets.

This includes the planning and management of generational transitions, providing advice in the drafting of family agreements, the establishment of trusts, the creation of wills, and at the time of succession opening and inheritance acceptance. The team is also involved in the formation of inheritance inventories, the dissolution of inheritance joint ownership, and the liquidation of jointly held assets. Additionally, the team handles inheritance disputes.

In the field of succession and family wealth management, the Firm leverages its multidisciplinary expertise, not only in family and succession law but also in civil, commercial, and corporate law, as well as in tax matters also with reference to the application of foreign regulations, facilitated by established relationships with experts in the field from other jurisdictions. The Firm provides comprehensive advice on inheritance matters, taking into account the various implications of succession and the arrangement of family assets.