Practice Areas

Capital Markets

We have extensive experience assisting corporate entities and investment banks in market access and capital-raising operations, including cross-border transactions. We can rely on well-established professional relationships with leading Firms in all major jurisdictions.

The professionals in the Equity Capital Market team assist in structuring corporate finance operations, including IPOs, capital increases, reserved placements (such as private placements and accelerated book-building), equity-linked issuances, share buybacks, public M&A (such as public takeover and/or exchange offers, business combinations, and other aggregation operations), delisting and re domiciliation abroad, as well as compensation plans based on financial instruments. This is facilitated by a multidisciplinary approach guaranteed by collaboration with other Firm departments.

Furthermore, we provide ongoing assistance to listed companies concerning related-party transactions, compliance issues, and corporate disclosure, and we have unique expertise in corporate governance and control-enhancing capital structures (such as loyalty shares and multiple voting shares).

The Debt Capital Market team, on the other hand, handles all legal aspects related to issuances and placements of bond instruments for retail and/or institutional investors, both on a stand-alone basis and as part of EMTN programs, recurrent issuer offering programs (banks and large corporations), high-yield bonds, as well as liability management transactions for banks and financial institutions.

Our professionals maintain continuous and established relationships with Regulatory and Stock Exchange Authorities, including pre contentious and contentious matters. The Firm is a partner of Borsa Italiana’s IPO Community and the ELITE Program.