Practice Areas

Litigation, Arbitration & ADR

The Litigation, Arbitration, and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) team comprises over 50 professionals and represents excellence in the Italian legal landscape.

We provide advice and assistance to individuals, industrial enterprises, banks, financial institutions, investment funds, and litigation finance entities in the pre-litigation and litigation phases before judicial authorities at all levels and within the framework of national or international arbitrations, where we act as the party’s legal representatives or arbitrators.

With a longstanding tradition in managing even the most sophisticated disputes, we approach each case carefully, weighing the costs and benefits for the client in determining legal strategies – whether offensive or defensive – and exploring various available solutions, recommending those most functional for the efficient management of the dispute.

Thanks to the department’s breadth, we can always assemble teams for the client with high expertise and specialization in civil and criminal law areas, if necessary, collaborating fully with other practices within the Firm.

The Litigation, Arbitration, and ADR team routinely handles international disputes, either due to the nationality of the involved parties, the subject matter of the conflict, or the jurisdictions involved. This global expertise is bolstered by a vast network of relationships with foreign law firms built over the years, which can rely on professionals with similar quality standards and ethical values.