News 18.03.2024

PedersoliGattai with Illimity Bank in the financing for the acquisition of La Prensa Group

Unigrains has recently acquired La Prensa, a leading Italian printer and finisher of labels for various products, primarily food and pet food.

Additionally, Unigrains has acquired Viboldone Holding Srl and Elele Srl holdings, along with four operating companies: La Prensa Etichette Italia Srl, Flexo Labels Italia Srl, Fusteltaglio Srl, and Summit Press Srl, all owned by the Delfino family.

The financing for this acquisition was provided by Illimity Bank, which was advised on legal aspects of the transaction by PedersoliGattai. The team, led by Maura Magioncalda (partner), included Giuseppe Smerlo (senior associate) and Lisa Marangon (associate).


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